Roast               Medium / All Brewing Methods
Region            Cabo Verde, Minas Gerais
Estate              Das Almas
Varietal          Red Catuai
Altitude          950 – 1050
Soils                Clay Red Yellow
Process            Natural
Cup Score        86

Tasting Notes
A complex cup with notes of cherry liqueur, dark chocolate, plum and raspberry. Boozy berry and orange acidity. Smooth heavy mouthfeel carries dark chocolate and creamy macadamia nut flavours in the finish.

The Muniz family began to grow coffee at the Das Almas Estate in 1942. Until 1965, the farm had no electricity and post-harvest processing was conducted by use of steam power. The name Almas (“Souls”) is a result of the area being first populated by Portuguese immigrants from the Açores Islands, who brought with them the custom of holding religious ceremonies in the highest possible places in the belief that they would then be closer to the souls. The succeeding generations have shown their love for coffee by giving continuity to the process of coffee cultivation and investing in ongoing improvements of production techniques.

Fazenda Das Almas aims to be a safe and reliable supplier of coffee, with a high standard of quality, in a manner that is economically viable, socially just and environmentally friendly.