May 24, Single Origin


Roast             Medium / All Brewing Method
Region          Baependi, Minas Gerais
Varietal        Yellow Bourbon
Farm              Fazenda Trapia
Process         Pulped Natural
Cup Score    82.25

Tasting Notes
Soft lychee, hazelnut, and toffee notes are present throughout, a creamy body carries through to a dark chocolate finish.

Trapiá, before getting its name, once belonged to the mayor of Baependi city, the region of which this coffee is produced. When Renato Pita and his wife Andrea Rangel, the owners of this estate, purchased the farm, there were only 20,000 coffee plants and no coffee infrastructure whatsoever. The farm has grown substantially to over 70 hectares with 190,000 coffee plants spread across an altitude ranging from 1150m – 1400m.

With a state-of-the-art processing infrastructure in place, they have everything the need to produce high quality speciality coffee. As a family they seek to be updated with all the market trends to adjust their production according to the demands set by the industry. They also take educational courses, in which they encourage their farming team to participate in as well.

The coffee at Fazenda Trapiá is hand-picked, however, they also use the stripping method where the area is mountainous, using small handheld machines. The coffee cherries are separated by density and pulped, or taken to the concrete patios. The farm also has its own dry mill, located very close to the cultivated areas. The farm is also part of other agricultural practices that mostly include forestry. 30% of the land is under native vegetation, where the predominant biome is the Atlantic Forest. There are several water springs and falls inside the farm, all of them preserved and surrounded by the local flora and fauna.

The sustainable programs that are currently in action include, the planting of more diverse species of trees and starting to establish an eco-corridor in partnership with neighbouring farms.