July 24, Single Origin


Roast           Medium / All Brewing Method
Region        Mantiqueria de Minas
Varietal      Red Acaia
Farm            Sítio Baixadão
Farm Size  5 hectares
Process       Natural
Cup Score   86

Tasting Notes
Cooked strawberry and bright kiwi and papaya carry through to a sticky red wine like acidity. A silky body pairs nicely with a lingering cocoa and warm spice finish.

When Helisson Afonso da Silva was born 1994, his father, Sebastião Afonso da Silva, decided to acquire Sítio Baixadão, a small farm that was originally used for growing rice. However, due to the low rice prices during the 1990s, Sebastião made a bold move and transformed it into a thriving coffee farm.

Fast forward 25 years, and Sebastião has expanded the family’s coffee portfolio by purchasing four more Sítios (smaller farms, each less than 100 hectares) and involving Helisson within the family business.

The farm is located in the city of Cristina, in the south of Minas Gerais, a region that presents excellent characteristics, such as fertile soil, well-defined seasons and high elevation that creates the perfect environment to grow coffee.

The producers are members of APROCAM, which holds the Mantiqueira de Minas Indication of Origin, which guarantees the source and traceability of the lot. The farm is committed to sustainable coffee growing through good agricultural practices and preservation of natural resources.

The entire harvest is done by hand; the beans are picked and taken to the processing centre, located on the farm itself. Drying is done on patios under sunlight and later finished in dryers that guarantee consistent drying, preserving the quality.

The coffee is stored at COCARIVE (Cooperativa Regional dos Cafeicultores do Vale do Rio Verde), which gives members support throughout all stages of production, including in the area of commercialization where there is a department entirely dedicated to these high-scoring lots.