Our roastery is located in the heart of the village of Maclean in Northern NSW overlooking the majestic Clarence River.

We’re housed in a beautiful historic building that began life as Sheehan’s mechanical workshop in the 1940s, and has evolved through the years as businesses came and went.

The building was in danger of being condemned before we acquired it in 2010. After extensive repairs and renovations we have ensured this building honours its past and will remain in our local community for many more years.

As part of our relocation to this building is has been fitted out with many state of the art initiatives to reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy sources e.g. Solar power, LED lighting, smart electrical system and centralised refrigeration systems.

Our roasting equipment is industry leading and is custom made for us by Brambati italy. Our roaster utilises an afterburner – this is optional equipment but we insist upon using an afterburner to ensure we drastically reduce any volatile aroma, vaporized oil, organic dust, ash and gases such as CO, NOx, SOx and others being released into the atomosphere.

On the roof of our roastery building we have had installed one of the largest solar farms in our region. During the day it powers our whole campus and returns energy to the grid when we are not consuming

We are in the process of having an electric vehicle charge station installed at our roastery so that travellers are able to stop here to charge their vehicle from our solar farm.


We feel privileged to witness daily the transformation of a green bean that has come from the hands of a farmer to the aromatic roasted brown bean that we all love so much.

Part of our Ethos is not sourcing the cheapest coffee, but buying quality beans at sustainable prices.

With that in mind, we have recently been able to secure whole crops from farms in Honduras as part of the Bennetts Coffee 121 program.

This program enables Bennetts to connect us with Honduran farmers and we pay above market price for their whole crop of green bean.

By doing this we help provide security for the farmers to know that they have an assured income for their upcoming coffee season and allows us to stand behind the consistency and quality of our coffee.

Meanwhile our green bean suppliers are able to concentrate on growing the best product possible without the added stress of whether or not they will sell their whole crop.


We understand that at times you have to grab a coffee on the go and we also know the impact takeaway cups have on the environment.

That is why we are happy to announce our new range of compostable singe use cups are coming soon. These cups are brought to you from our friends at Detpak. They are an Australian owned industry leader in packaging and we are proud to partner with them to bring you a fully compostable single use coffee cup.

The “I Am Eco” range of cups from Detpak are made from Polylactic Acid (PLA) which is a thermoplastic made from renewable resources including corn starch and sugar cane, unlike other industrial materials that are made primarily from petroleum. PLA is exciting to us as it breaks downs naturally when it is exposed to the environment and doesn’t leave any toxic residues. Opposed to petroleum based products that can still be recycled but need to go through a recycling process separate to other recyclables.


There is new compostable bag on the block and it has our name on it.

We have been able to develop a 1kg Coffee bag that meets the EN13432 standard of commercially compostable plastics and packaging. EN13432 requires the compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegradable after six months. That means that 90 percent of the plastic material will have been converted into water and biomass or other valuable compost.

Even the valve on our new compostable 1kg coffee bags will be compostable.


At Botero we try to reduced waste where we can and we are always looking at new ways to do this.

We currently are running a trial with select cafes to test the use of 5kg reusable coffee tins instead of single us coffee bags.

So far the beautiful coffee remains the best quality and our test cafes love it but we continue to test and experiment with different freight services.

Once we conquer the logistical challenges around this we plan to roll it out to more wholesale partners as 2021 progresses.


We feel it's important to give back to the earth so no organic material goes to waste at our Roastery.

When the green coffee is dried at its origin the beans shed their husks. When heat is applied to the beans during the roasting process more husks are released from the bean. All of the husks that are released during our roasting process we capture.

The husks are great for gardens, so at the end of each roast day we place our coffee husks in a designated area at our roastery for members of our community to come and collect free of charge.

The final stage of the humble coffee bean is not forgotten.

The Botero Roastery café generates a lot of coffee grinds that we also leave for also local gardeners and farmers to collect free of charge. It is so popular in fact that the bags of husks and grinds rarely last the day before someone collects them and takes them home to their gardens.


Giving new life to packaging that arrives in our Roastery is an important part of our sustainable practice.

All of our beautiful green beans arrive from all over the world in hessian bags – some of these hessian bags also have what is known as “grainpro” liners, which is essentially a type of plastic bag.

Any grainpro bags that arrive we save and reuse for rubbish bags, packaging and local farmers have begun collecting them from us (completely free) to be repurposed for their uses.

All of our hessian bags are either given away for free to farmers (as they are most commonly used for planting trees in) but as they are so popular, we also place them in our café where members of the public can donate a gold coin and take home a bag. All of the money raised we give to back local children’s charities, sporting teams and school fundraisers.

The journey of our hessian bags continues through creative reuse.

We also give the bags away to a local seamstress, Moira, who upcycles the bags into shopping bags, handbags and other wearables. Moira does all this of work completely free and donates every cent of the proceeds from the sale of these items back into the children’s charities.

Next time you’re in our roastery, grab a hessian bag and give back to the community.


We love coffee, we love making the best coffee and we love providing service to our awesome wholesale partners.

We are excited about all things to do with our industry.

What excites us the most is giving people jobs and seeing how this business can make such a large positive impact in our community.

Giving people meaningful employment where they can do impactful, creative and amazing things is the most rewarding part of this business.

We are lucky that our business has grown enough now that we can offer people from all different walks of life careers where they can grow and evolve throughout different departments of this business.

From little things big things grow

We are extremely proud that some of our young people started with us in an after school job in our café, ended up working full time as part of our sales team and in some cases taken the skills learnt here to amazing new careers when moving to the bright lights of the city.

We have staff here as apprentice employees building careers that will serve them for the rest of their lifetime should they choose.

This is exciting…

We love our team and they all become family, our big diverse eclectic Botero family.


At Botero we believe in investing in the wellbeing and health of our coffee growing communities.

That’s why part of our profits goes directly to Grounds For Health which is a non-profit based in Williston, Vermont, that works tirelessly to reduce the risk of cervical cancer in women in developing countries. Their efforts in coffee growing countries have produced real and tangible results.

Since the very first day that we roasted coffee we have been supporters of this charity.

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Our organic blend is like one big hug from nature.

Our organic blend “Rain” is  completely organically certified by ACO (Australia Certified Organic)

As with our organic origins we also seek green bean that is both Rainforest Alliance certified and Fairtrade certified whenever possible.

By using Rainforest Alliance certified coffees as much as possible we can hopefully assist in reducing the irresponsible destruction of rainforests around the world.

Likewise by supporting Fairtrade coffee we can help do our part for better working conditions and improved terms of trade for farmers and workers in developing countries.

We choose to use only the most reputable coffee importers in this country and they also are very driven to ensure the sustainability of the coffee industry from the origin through to the cup.