We feel it's important to give back to the earth so no organic material goes to waste at our Roastery.

When the green coffee is dried at its origin the beans shed their husks. When heat is applied to the beans during the roasting process more husks are released from the bean. All of the husks that are released during our roasting process we capture.

The husks are great for gardens, so at the end of each roast day we place our coffee husks in a designated area at our roastery for members of our community to come and collect free of charge.

The final stage of the humble coffee bean is not forgotten.

The Botero Roastery café generates a lot of coffee grinds that we also leave for also local gardeners and farmers to collect free of charge. It is so popular in fact that the bags of husks and grinds rarely last the day before someone collects them and takes them home to their gardens.