Roast                Light / Filter Brewing
Region             Apaneca Mountain Range
Farm                Monte Sion
Varietal           Bourbon
Altitude          1200 – 1400
Soils                Sandy clay loam
Process           Fully Washed
Grade              Strictly High Grown 
Cup Score       82

Tasting Notes
Cups with soft notes of rhubarb and dried berry up front. Soft rounded berry and citric acidity mid palate. A coating mouthfeel carries through to a sweet finish of almond and vanilla.

Monte Sion Farm is family owned business, focused on specialty coffees. The farm dates back three generations, passed from grandfather, to mother to the current family owners. Located in the Apaneca Mountain Range, the main and most important coffee producing region in El Salvador.

All the coffee at Monte Leon is shade grown, using native trees. The farm has undergone extensive renovation, and as of 2020 around 60% of the farm with is planted with trees under four years of age.

The producers use organic products and “cultural methods” in to propagate the crops. The use of chemicals to combat plagues are used only as a last option, and in such case they select products that have not been marked as hazardous. Some of organic methods used on the farm are Californian worm manure, compost, pulp and pulp juice fertilisers. Tea leaf, Nim extract and others natural pesticides. Through satellite information the soil and plant conditions are monitored, allowing more accurate diagnosis of what is needed to feed the plants.

Strong relationships with the local communities in the region have been established with the farm. A permanent program to supply clothing, medicines, food, hygiene products to not only the farm employees but their families as well. Medical campaigns for the communities, food and clothing for the children studying at the local schools and the list goes on. The last project completed was to bring water to three communities and their schools.