Roast              Medium / All Brewing Method
Region          Gedio, Yirgacheffe
Grade          Grade 1
Varietal        Indigenous Heirloom
Altitude       2050 – 2100
Process        Special Preparation
Cup Score    86.5

Tasting Notes
Rich dark chocolate and fresh herbal mint notes carry through to a red wine like acidity. Raspberry, strawberry, and red currants to finish.

This Ethiopian varietal is produced in the region of Gedio, Yirgacheffe, grown on a 120-hectare farm. Produced between a small attitude range of 2050m – 2100m, with average annual temperatures of 23 degrees Celsius allows for flowering to begin in August, with harvesting starting between November and December.

Anaerobic (oxygen-free) processing method was introduced to the region in 2020. The process is to ‘ferment’ the coffee in a fully sealed and oxygen deprived fermentation bags or tanks. Carbonic maceration is the anaerobic process used for this varietal. The coffee cherries are placed in sealed stainless-steel tank, in which they undergo this anaerobic process. As the cherries ferment, they produce carbon dioxide, which creates a carbonic environment within the tank.

The time the cherry is spent in ‘fermentation’ is decided based on the temperature gauge reading. Higher temperatures mean the ‘fermentation’ time will be short, while cooler temperatures lead to longer time periods. Temperatures remain below 25 degrees Celsius throughout the whole fermentation process.

Typically, the cherries will be fermented for 4-5 days, however this lot was left in the fermentation tanks for 10 days. This allows for the mucilage to have a longer contact time with the coffee seed and for the flavours of the sweet fruit to impart on the coffee bean. This intensive processing technique results in highly fruity coffees with wild funky flavours.

When the process is complete, the bright red cherry colour has changed to yellow tones. Once carefully removed from the tank, the coffee is dried slowly for 20-25 days on African drying beds in the full sun.

The farmers play a vital role in producing such a unique coffee, Tracon recognise their importance and offer social initiatives to better support their farmers. Tracon provide school program initiatives to the farmers families to offer a greater access to knowledge and information for a brighter future.