Roast            Light / Filter Brewing
Region          Eastern Mbale District
Varietal         Typica, SL14, SL28 and Bugishu
Altitude        1500 – 2000
Process        Natural
Cup Score    85.75

Tasting Notes
Sweet strawberry jam with crisp lemon and sweet grapefruit acidity up front, gives way to a lingering creamy chocolate, caramel and roasted hazelnut finish.

Bugisu Washed Arabica is the most renowned of the Ugandan Arabicas. Grown in and around Mbale, they compare very favourably with other East African high grown coffees. The crop is grown on the slopes of Elgon mountain range in three distinct areas, namely the Mbale, Sironko, and Kapchorwa Districts, and is thus found at varying altitudes, ranging from 1300 metres in the South, climbing up to 1900 metres in the Central and Northern Districts.

The Bugisu crop is intercropped alongside other crops on the ‘kabanjja’. The area of the kabanjja under cultivation for Arabica averages 0.36 hectares, with an average yield of approximately 600kgs per hectare. The harvest season starts in September, completing around February each year. The population of the Mbale district is over 90% rural, with the community primarily supported by agriculture. Apart from coffee the region is also known for maize and vegetables.