Giving new life to packaging that arrives in our Roastery is an important part of our sustainable practice.

All of our beautiful green beans arrive from all over the world in hessian bags – some of these hessian bags also have what is known as “grainpro” liners, which is essentially a type of plastic bag.

Any grainpro bags that arrive we save and reuse for rubbish bags, packaging and local farmers have begun collecting them from us (completely free) to be repurposed for their uses.

All of our hessian bags are either given away for free to farmers (as they are most commonly used for planting trees in) but as they are so popular, we also place them in our café where members of the public can donate a gold coin and take home a bag. All of the money raised we give to back local children’s charities, sporting teams and school fundraisers.

The journey of our hessian bags continues through creative reuse.

We also give the bags away to a local seamstress, Moira, who upcycles the bags into shopping bags, handbags and other wearables. Moira does all this of work completely free and donates every cent of the proceeds from the sale of these items back into the children’s charities.

Next time you’re in our roastery, grab a hessian bag and give back to the community.