Our roastery is located in the heart of the village of Maclean in Northern NSW overlooking the majestic Clarence River.

We’re housed in a beautiful historic building that began life as Sheehan’s mechanical workshop in the 1940s, and has evolved through the years as businesses came and went.

The building was in danger of being condemned before we acquired it in 2010. After extensive repairs and renovations we have ensured this building honours its past and will remain in our local community for many more years.

As part of our relocation to this building is has been fitted out with many state of the art initiatives to reduce our consumption of non-renewable energy sources e.g. Solar power, LED lighting, smart electrical system and centralised refrigeration systems.

Our roasting equipment is industry leading and is custom made for us by Brambati italy. Our roaster utilises an afterburner – this is optional equipment but we insist upon using an afterburner to ensure we drastically reduce any volatile aroma, vaporized oil, organic dust, ash and gases such as CO, NOx, SOx and others being released into the atomosphere.

On the roof of our roastery building we have had installed one of the largest solar farms in our region. During the day it powers our whole campus and returns energy to the grid when we are not consuming

We are in the process of having an electric vehicle charge station installed at our roastery so that travellers are able to stop here to charge their vehicle from our solar farm.