December 2023, Single Origin


Roast                Medium / All Brewing Methods
Region             Kamonyi District
Varietal           Bourbon
Altitude           1250 – 1550
Soils                 Volcanic Clay
Process            Natural
Grade              One
Cup Score       86.75

Tasting Notes
Boozy red wine and spice notes up front, moving to walnut, molasses and cherry liqueur. Smooth, rounded body carries through to a sugary black tea finish.

Nyamiyaga coffee washing station (CWS) is located in the South-Western region of Rwanda, less than a couple hours away from the capital Kigali. A few kilometres away stands the mount of the same appellation, an attraction for visitors and locals.

The station is run and operated by Rwacf and offers three different processing methods: Fully washed, Natural and Honey. After being hand-picked, the ripests cherries are floated, washed and sorted, the coffee is finshied by drying on raised drying beds.

Rwacof’s Kahawatu Foundation and Farmer Hub initiative’s main role is to support coffee farming communities on an economic, social and agricultural level. Rwacof is currently conducting a large baseline survey at all the 22 washing stations they run and operate, including Kanyege.

The purpose of this data collection is to be able to understand the challenges faced by farmers in their day to day lives and in their farming businesses, and thus support them accordingly. Over 2000 growers supply the Nyamiyaga washing station, and all benefit from the Farmer hub program.