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Our Signature blend is a smooth, heavily bodied coffee with rich caramel flavours and a gently spiced finish. Inspired by flavour-packed Kenyan coffees and the super beans of North Sumatra, this coffee sits at ease with the finest espresso offerings.  


Fruit sweetness, refined chocolate and a clean cup, drawing on the great coffee regions of the world, this is a coffee with ageless character and premium flavour.


Butter Roasted peanut aroma, a crisp hazelnut flavour and a creamy mouth feel.


Sweet and uniquely malty, a blend with a soft fragrance yet full body, delivering a truly lively cup.

Organic Rain

A blend of South and Central American origins, with a touch of Ethiopia sweetening the cup. Rich intense coffee full bodied and complete.


Nothing is lost in our decaffeinated Colombian offering which has a deep caramel aroma and maple aftertaste.


A Botero tasting plate to savour. We bring a fine selection of our five most popular blends. 250gm Brass 250gm Dew 250gm Organic Rain 250gm Marco 250gm Toba

Kenya Peaberry

250g Recommended for all brewing methods Mellow, balanced acidity with sublime overtones of blueberries, citrus fruit and peacan toffee