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Jilly’s Embossed Tin

Beautiful embossed tin suitable for storing loose leaf tea. Available in either small or large size. Option to add a label.

English Breakfast

A traditional blend of Ceylon broken leaf tea from the best tea gardens, give this tea its crisp distinctive style. Coppery and flavoursome.


Assam is a quality tea from the Dikom Estate, known for its stylish, black tippy appearance and classic malty liquor. Very smooth and mellow.

Irish Breakfast

A robust and flavoursome tea, with a dark brown tipped leaf that brews up a malty and deep red liquor.

Earl Grey

Distinctive flavour and aroma characterises this ever popular blend of Ceylon large leaf black tea, delicately fragranced with bergamot.

Fair Grey

In the style of Lady Grey, Fair Grey is an exquisite blend of black tea and bergamot, softened with lemon, orange and a flash of cornflowers and rose.

Chai Tea

Enticing and delicious, a classic blend of black tea and aromatic Indian spices, offering a truly distinctive taste. Serve hot and enjoy with milk and a drop of honey.

Sweet Forager

A combination of sweet & wild, dreamy & irresistible.  Enjoy hot or iced Sample pack available. 


A blend of organic therapeutic herbs to support the digestive system. Soothing and Cleansing.


Pink Chrysanthemum. “Chusui Furong”. Handwoven white tea, opens like a flower while infusing to display beautiful pink chrysanthemum floating on a string.


Enjoyed for thousands of years, and boasting a variety of benefits from relaxation to rejuvenation, Jilly’s Chamomile is soothing, calming and altogether delicious.

Lemongrass & Ginger

This lively blend is a perfect after dinner infusion, with the digestive benefits of ginger and the antioxidant effects of vitamin C.