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Enjoyed for thousands of years, and boasting a variety of benefits from relaxation to rejuvenation, Jilly’s Chamomile is soothing, calming and altogether delicious.
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Minty Lavender

A blend of lavender and spearmint to relax both body and mind. Soothing and refreshing with an uplifting scent.
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Refreshing leaves create an invigorating hot or cold drink. Calming and soothing to the digestive system, and naturally caffeine-free.
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Rest & Relax

You can just rest and relax! Jilly has blended a selection of carefully chosen herbs that your body and taste will love.
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Blue Butterfly Pea

In addition to its alluring blue and purple colour, Blue Butterfly Pea is high in antioxidants and valued for its herbal benefits when consumed or used in cosmetics. This Organic Herbal Tisane is full of antioxidants and is a great stress reliever.
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Lemongrass & Ginger

This lively blend is a perfect after dinner infusion, with the digestive benefits of ginger and the antioxidant effects of vitamin C.
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A wonderful tonic for the liver, and coffee alternative. Jilly’s Dandelion both tastes good and is good for you.
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Dandelion Chai

A blend of dandelion root, rich in minerals and vitamins with the added warmth of traditional chai spices. Caffeine free.
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Rosehip & Rose

Packed with vitamins A,B1, B2, B3, C and K and infused with the floral aromas of rose.
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