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English Breakfast

A traditional Ceylon tea from the best tea gardens. Bold, full bodied and strong. Best enjoyed with milk and sugar. 
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Earl Grey

Distinctive flavour and aroma characterises this ever popular blend of Ceylon large leaf black tea, delicately fragranced with bergamot.
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Irish Breakfast

A strong Assam component, gives Irish Breakfast a robust, malty flavour. A dark brown tipped leaf that brews up a deep red liquor
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Orange Pekoe

The distinct curly, silvery tipped leaf gives an aromatic, robust taste. Coloured to a deep red liquid in the cup, this OP-1 has a delicious finish.
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Darjeeling first flush from the Thurbo tea estate. The first and best of the new seasons crop. A beautiful light liquor in the cup.
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A refinded black tea from China’s Anhui Province. Smooth flavour, fruity & delicate smoky notes & an intense orange colour. 
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Lapsang Souchong

Traditionally smoked over pinewood fires. ‘Souchong’ refers to the forth and fifth leaves of the tea plant, carefully dried in the Wuyi region of Fujian.
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A refined tea from the Yunnan Province. Golden tips characterise this tea, the unique climate and elevation imparts the luxurious taste. 
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From the Assam growing region, this tea is full of golden tips and produces a rich red liquor. It is also full bodies & malty like any classic Assam black tea.
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Pu-erh Oolong (nest)

A post fermented tea with a similar earthy, light and sweet taste as the Pu-erh tea but hard packed into little round nest shapes, individually wrapped. Approx 17 nests per 100gm
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