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Blue Butterfly Pea

In addition to its alluring blue and purple colour, Blue Butterfly Pea is high in antioxidants and valued for its herbal benefits when consumed or used in cosmetics. This Organic Herbal Tisane is full of antioxidants and is a great stress reliever.

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Neutral taste with a mild aroma.

Butterfly pea flowers.


Recommended For
Perfect all-day beverage.

How To Prepare
Jilly’s favourite way is to brew a small amount in hot water, then add ice, coconut, a drop of vanilla and lemon.

The blue butterfly pea flower is native to Thailand, with a neutral taste and mild aroma. It grows on a vine and produces beautiful blue and purple flowers which are usually dried. The vine is naturally resistant to most pests so no pesticides or chemicals are used. The flowers are used in food or drink preparation for their herbal benefits but also for the colour they brew.

In Thai traditional medicine, butterfly pea flowers are used as a hair growth stimulant, memory enhancer and an anti-depressant. Traditionally in Thailand, the tea is iced, honey is added as well as a touch of lemon, which will turn the colour of the tisane to purple.

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