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Tamper – olive wood

Coffee tamper - stainless steel base with olive wood handle. 58mm Made in Italy

Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale – 500g

The Coffee Gear Pocket Dosing Scale - 500g is the perfect size to slip into your apron pocket. Convenient, lightweight, and practical, with a lid that flips down to protect the scale while it's in your pocket.  


Grindenstein is a compact coffee knock box that bangs out your coffee grinds. It’s super strong and sturdy, and even tucks away on the drip tray of your espresso machine for space-saving storage.

Chocolate Coated Beans

Dark and decadent chocolate encasing a precious little roasted coffee bean.

Botero Drinking Chocolate 1kg

With origins reaching back to Mayan times, chocolate has been savoured as a beverage among many peoples for centuries. Our

Chilli Chocolate 200g

200gsm Chilli Infused Drinking Chocolate

French Mint Chocolate 200g

200gram Grounded Pleasures French Mint Drinking Chocolate

Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate 200g

200gsm Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate

Vanilla Bean Chocolate 200g

200gsm Vanilla Bean Drinking Chocolate

Bondi Chai Vegan Ginger N Spice 500g

500g (60 serves) Vegan Dairy Free Gluten Free

Bondi Chai Club Cinnamon

The chai-lovers chai latte! Club Cinnamon turns up the spice to create a rich and complex taste with a satisfying, silky-smooth texture.

Unsweetened Golden Turmeric Elixir

Our unsweetened golden Turmeric elixir is caffeine free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan friendly with NO artificial colours or flavours. Contains 48mg of added Curcumin per serve. 100% Australian made and owned. 20 serves per 300mL bottle. No added sugar