Giving Back


We strive to roast and supply coffee with integrity, ethics, and a concern for the environment and coffee community from farm to cup.

We realise and act on our social responsibility to give back, with an acute awareness that our decisions and actions as coffee roasters have an impact on nature and society. The coffee world is always expanding in knowledge and technology, and with it the concept of sustainability. We choose to work with companies that provide an ongoing and positive contribution to our environment, and we support coffee affiliated charities that raise awareness and are a voice for the people working at the origins of our coffees.

At Botero HQ in Maclean, we source power for our office, roastery and espresso bar from the 136 solar panels installed on our roof. We have sought and gained approval from the Australian Certified Organics body for a number of our coffees. We choose to use green bean suppliers who source coffee on ethical grounds, and who are often aligned with environmental and community –based initiatives.