Jilly’s Teas


Jilly Laurene has been selecting fine teas for a long time, and only a few have found their way into her chest. These teas are Jilly’s favourites, all with definitive character and a loveliness that embodies her selection.

Tea drinking has spanned the centuries, and it has borne witness to the interactions of people of all walks of life, as it is a beverage that all can enjoy. With a range of over 25 different tea offerings, and an assortment of varieties from black teas, green teas, herbal teas and specialty teas, Jilly’s Teas brings to light the subtle nuances found in your favourite cuppa.
Jilly’s Teas are individually sourced and extensively cupped, before being blended by hand in the tea room at Botero Roastery. They are then packaged with care from 50gm – 1kg quantities in foil bags for optimal freshness, ready to be brewed in your home or café.